We were promised snow today – my 11 year-old son Peter & I walked the 6.5 miles to the office hoping to be enjoying a winter wonderland, but instead it was normal Manchester almost-drizzle – mind you we got away with it, as everyone else was busy telling me they were getting soaked.

It started getting colder on Friday, which was unfortunate because I took the family plus my fellow churchwarden and his son to the Salford v Wigan rugby league match. Very impressive new ground, wonderful view of Barton Bridge (if you like that sort of thing), but in the first half in particular it was difficultt to take your eyes off the rugby as so much was happening. It was the children’s first taste of rugby league, and they loved it – comments included “this is much better than football”, and my daughter Emma won the “when will Emma fall asleep” bet by staying awake throughout. Getting off the car park was a nightmare though – very late night for the children, but they’re on school holiday.

I would warmly recommend a trip to the new Salford City Reds stadium for anyone looking for a thoroughly entertaining day or evening of sport, in a friendly atmosphere. It had been a long time since I had been to a RL match, but it was great to be back.