Inappropriate as the weather may be today, the St John’s Sunshine Limited share offer is now open, and will remain so until World Environment Day on 5 June. Interested parties can invest in multiples of £100 in the solar panels at St John the Evangelist Church in Old Trafford, and in the Feed-in Tariff income they generate, with a view to funding projects of benefit to the local community, and also potentially generating a (modest) income for the investor.

This is a wonderful, ground-breaking project (see previous posts) which is well worthy of support both within the Old Trafford community and indeed beyond. If you are interested in knowing more, follow this link to the St John’s Sunshine website, where you can download a share application form.

I love disclaimers, and so I am delighted to be obliged to say that neither I nor Simpson Burgess Nash are authorised to give investment advice, and that is not what I am doing. To paraphrase Dr McCoy in Star Trek:

“It’s an investment Jim, but not as we know it”

The best of luck to all concerned with the project.